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3 classes for $25

Offer good on your first visit to Leela Yoga, classes expire 2 months after first use. Purchase in studio or online under class schedule.

Featured Workshop:

Relaxing Sound Bath Experience
With Missy Felsenstein

, 4-5:15pm
$20 early registration, $25 week of workshop.

Come learn about the healing benefits of pure sound. Trained as a sound therapist and a yoga instructor, Missy combines her knowledge to lead you through an experience of profound relaxation while being "bathed" by sound and vibration. Feel your tension, emotional stress, and energy blocks melt away as you are cleansed by the blended tones of Paiste gongs and crystal singing bowls. This relaxation oasis will leave you feeling refreshed, calm and clear.  No prior yoga experience required.

Featured Workshop:

Yoga and Nutrition for Emotional Balance
with Sandy Blaine and Dr. Suzie Lee

, 1:30-5:30pm
$55 early registration, $65 week of workshop.

Our emotional self is an integral part of our experience as human beings, but can cause unnecessary mental suffering and poor physical health when allowed to take control of our lives. Some common manifestations of emotional imbalance include: depression, mood swings, "brain fog", negative self-talk, worry, anxiety, irritability, fatigue, insomnia, digestive distress, hormonal imbalances and chronic pain. In this workshop, taught by two experts with decades of experience in the holistic fields of yoga and nutrition, you will learn the root causes of emotional imbalances and be empowered with simple practices to develop balanced, rich and meaningful emotional expression.
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